• In a Burst of Light: 3 F, 2M. In the wake of the destruction to their East Harlem home, Dominican-American siblings find themselves transplanted in Park Slope. They struggle to make the puzzle pieces fit, as their grief and loss. 

  • Doesn't Matter How You Say It: 1F, 2M. A love story that begins between a Spanish speaking waitress and a short order cook, that transcends cultural differences. 


  • Sisters of the Earth: A young woman struggles with grief as she travels down south to bury her mother. Along the way, she tests and strengthens her bond with her sister of the earth. 

Short Plays

  • A Virgin Christmas: 1F, 1M. Two New Yorkers decide to share their first solo Christmas, with unexpected consequences. 

  • Pr$de: 2 F, 1M. When pride rears its head in a loving relationship, the couple may never be the same.

  • Got A Light: 2F. When an insecure virgin meets a "working girl," they exchange something deeper than words.

  • Checked Boxes: 2F, 1M. A young gay man faces a crisis when he has a crush on a young woman.

  • Stan Up and Be A Man: 2F, 2M. Tensions mount as a newly post-op transgender daughter prepares for her first big party.

  •  Green Bananas: 1F, 1M. As she approaches her double mastectomy, Maya receives an unexpected and welcome gift from a stranger.

  •  Lady of the Lake: 2 M. As a man and his autistic son sit in their "pond," they discover painful memories.

  • If This World Were Mine: 1F, 2M. A young black couple stare up at the Globe Statue at the World's Fair, 1962, and contemplate their place in it.

  •  Probability Problem: 2M. When Chet develops a crush on his best friend and roomie, their living together presents a problem.